Private Boat Charters from 1-10 Divers

We are happy to help with the organisation of your private trip. Please make sure to contact us early and plan at least 3 month ahead. Additional services such as an airport pickup, an array of activities to explore Okinawa on the surface, bookings for a restaurant visits and more can be arranged by us.

To independent divers, not part of any group: We do not accept last minute requests for these trips, but you may be lucky enough to be offered to join on these trips due to availability at the time.

Please Note

Chartering a Private Boat can cost up to 150.000 Yen depending on dive location this price varies but does not include diving fees.

Cape Hedo

A day trip to Cape Hedo brings with it a journey into Okinawa’s beautiful north, named ‘Yanbaru’ in the local language, it is filled with dense forest and incredible coastal roads. The area is barely populated with a few sleepy villages suggesting a place of few travellers, especially divers, will ever reach.

Looking out at Cape Hedo you’ll be able to see where the East China Sea flows into the greater part of the Pacific Ocean. Here you will drift dive with the currents around the tip of the cape over deep valleys and around tall pinnacles. Cape Hedo is famous for its hidden ‘dome’ which is a cave that is only accessible via underwater tunnels! The dome is a pocket inside the cliff where fresh cool water drips in from above creating unusual sensations upon entering. This is one of Okinawa’s unique dive sites that few can boast about experiencing!

Cape Zampa

Located in the western tip of Okinawa Island in Yomitan Village is Cape Zampa. Known for its breathtaking views and war history of the Battle of Okinawa. While on route to the tip of Cape Zampa you will see spectacular steep cliffs over beautiful turquoise waters along the coast. Cape Zampa offers equally dramatic rock formations underwater, from deep caverns, tunnels and large rounded boulders. Dive sites here can vary hugely from shallow hard-coral reefs to walls with deep drop offs. The waters here have old war history, where remains of an old discarded American tank and war machine parts are observable, and these can only be seen underwater!




Kerama Islands

The Kerama Islands are beautiful and popular for two activities, whale watching in winter during humpback whale migration and scuba diving year round.

Kerama Islands are home to 248 species of corals protected by the Ramsar Convention. They are some of the most spectacular reefs in Asia with incredible rich diversity. With there being 22 islands and hundreds of dive sites around the islands, you’re bound to experience great variety of reefs and marine life. Even the islands themselves are captivating with dramatic rock formations and lined with beautiful untouched beaches.

Minna Islands



Minna Island

Just west of the Motobu Peninsula is Minna Island, also affectionately known as “Croissant Island” due to its unusual crescent shape. This island is only four kilometres in circumference and surrounded by vibrant coral reefs, white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue waters. There is also great variety underwater from hard coral reefs, to open sandy bottoms where an abundance of Garden Eels can be seen gently moving with the current. Dive sites around Minna Island are shallow and full of marine life, you may even be able to find Dory (Blue Tang) that are not seen at other sites around Okinawa!