DPV-Scooter Exploration Diving

Cape Manza:

Nakayukui and Crossline Point - Perfect location for divers who never used a DPV before, you are almost guaranteed to find turtles at this location


Overhang Rock and Manza Dreamhole - with a good chance to see turtles and reef sharks and the dream hole.


DPV-Scooter Exploration Diving

Zampa Point and Lion Rock - explore some great underwater rock formations and caverns as well as some WW2 tank remains in shallow water


Quick Facts

Depth: 25m/80ft (Nakayukui/Crossline)
30m/100ft (Manza Overhang/Dreamhole)
40m/130ft (Cape Zampa)
Level: Intermediate Diver 10+ Dives Experience
Trip Duration: 1 long dive anywhere between 60-90min. Depending on batterie power and your gas consumption.
Main Attractions: Turtles Guaranteed!
Reef Diving, Wall Diving,
WW2 Equipment
Participants: 2 per Instructor
Don't Forget: Swimwear, Towel and Sunscreen
Change for Lunch
Proof of Certification
Pro Tip: Get DPV Certified

Please Note:

Our usual dive program is one long dive at any of the locations we offer. Divers usually dive with a big cylinder such as a 13l/100cuf or 17l/133cuf, sidemount configuration is available too. Scooter diving is best done during high tide or moderate water levels as otherwise one would need to carry the unit over the reef which is not great for the reef and for the diver(s) especially when carrying additional cylinders. Dives therefore would be scheduled to start and end during a time where there is enough water to move the gear efficiently.

DPV Diver certification is not required but can be obtained, please enquire for more details.

We require divers to be willing and confident to carry their own equipment.

Instructors: Rent our DPV units for your students. B2B pricing is available.

Nakayukui and Crossline:

Enter from the beach close and be able to explore the whole Seragaki bay one one dive. It's a great spot to find turtles and rays as the love the calm sea conditions and the sandy spots between the reefs.

Overhang Rock and Dreamhole:

Enter from the beach at the Intercontinental hotel, dive over the ledge of an nearly untouched reef on a very steep wall. Often you meet giant Trevally, which call the area home. Further on your way to the dreamhole you almost always will see a couple of reefsharks, sea turtles and more. It truly is an exploration dive.

Cape Zampa

On the surface the Lighthouse offers a magnificent view onto some spectacular steep cliffs at Cape Zampa.

Underwater, enjoy the beauty of arroyos, canyons, deep trough's and great rock structures which imitate underwater rock castles, caverns and tunnels. Plenty of amazing sea fish and sea life to photograph including: Giant Trevally, Napoleon Fish, Octopus, Moray Eels, Sea Turtles and much more.

After the war, the Americans discarded tank and war machine parts which were dropped into the sea from the top of the cliffs. At Lion Rock We can now swim amongst these untouched memories, which are scattered around the seafloor.