Maeda Point

Dive the famous Blue Cave



Explore some of the amazing soft coral reefs of the coast of Chatan.



Up for adventure? Dive some deep walls at "Toilet Bowl" and awesome corals reefs with a good chance for sharks and turtles at "Mermaids Grotto".


Gorilla Chop

A calm bay perfect for diving especially in the winter when other locations are not accessible du to wind and waves.


Quick Facts

Depth: Max. 40m/130ft
Entry: Beach/Shore
Level: Dive Site Dependent
Trip Duration: 2 dives – approx. 7 hours
Participants: 2-4 per Instructor
Don't Forget: Swimwear, Towel and Sunscreen
Change for Lunch
Proof of Certification
Pro Tip: Join a specialty diver course, learn something new in as little as one day and explore a new dive site

Please Note:

Shore diving enables us to accommodate last minute changes in schedule or weather and overall offers us more freedom underwater. When learning new skills or getting used to a new pice of equipment it's in our opinion the best option to to dive from shore. Depending on your gear configuration you can easily spend a longer time underwater as you could from a boat.

Where we dive (google maps links):

Dive Times:

  • Beach Diving on single tank Scuba 50-60min
  • Sidemount and DPV Diving 70-90min
  • Beach Discovery Diving 40-50min
  • Boat Diving 35-45min


  • spend more time underwater
  • choose your dive location
  • a more personal dive experience
  • learn skills without stress
  • avoid time pressure and related anxiety
  • dive without a guide but with a buddy

Why Shore Diving in Okinawa?

Because the dive boats here are operated by the local fishermen meaning that they aren't equipped as good as they are in much of Asia. Unfortunately boat operators often make unhappy faces when you want to bring additional equipment, such as an emergency O2 kit. Since the local fisherman have a monopoly on the boats and ports we have to share the boats with other dive companies and they can be quite busy with many boats going to the same place on peak days! Boats are often organised for people in a hurry simply wanting to tick off another ‘experience’. The basic idea of diving is to relax, to learn, to experience not to rush as most of us have already enough stress in everyday live.

To make it fair for the other people on the boat, dives here are often limited to around 35-45 minutes so that any beginners do not have to float around waiting for the more experienced. However for any shore diving, the only limits are how long you want to be in the water or your gas supply!