Blue Cave - Maeda Point

Maeda Point is probably the most popular spot on Okinawa, as it is easy to enter by boat and from shore. But not only is Maeda Point popular with humans, it’s also a regular meeting place for schools of batfish, for lionfish, angelfish, clownfish, and parrotfish, as well as trigger fish, sea snakes, squid, octopuses and a whole lot more. And in winter and spring you’ll be able to hear the distant calls from migrating whales and see schools of mackerels and barracuda.

And then there’s the famous Blue Cave, yes it’s a cave, but this isn’t cave diving. This nature-made auditorium is shaped out of the limestone cliffs and when fresh water seeps in from the dense foliage above, it mixes with the sea water to create a spectacular ‘blue’ optical illusion.

Quick Facts:

Depth: 20m/60ft
Entry: Beach/Boat
Level: Beginner
Duration: 2 dives - approx. 5 hours
Participants: 1-4 per Instructor
Don't Forget: Swimwear, Towel and Sunscreen
Change for Lunch
Proof of Certification