Cape Manza

Experience the Manza Dream Hole, Mini Dream Hole, Horseshoe Point, Overhang Rock, Nakayukui Point and Crossline Point.


Cape Manza

Cape Manza, also a popular sightseeing spot for landlubbers, features six main dives and a few lesser known sites. Most of the sites feature amazing walls going as deep as 50m/165ft.


Quick facts

Depth: 50m/165ft
Entry: Shore or Underwater Scooter (DPV)
Level: Intermediate Divers AOWD w. 10+ dives
Dive Duration: 45-60 minutes, depending on your air consumption.
90-120 minutes, when using the Scooter (DPV)

*Dive times are depend on your gas consumption and battery power of the scooter.
Participants: 2-4 per Instructor
Don't Forget: Swimwear, Towel and Sunscreen
Change for Lunch
Proof of Certification

Please Note:

With Piranha Divers, you can enjoy your personal adventure without time pressure or busy boat rides. That is why we explore all the dive location at Manza from shore, often using a DPV (Underwater Scooter). The best time to dive at Manza is during high tide and calm seas. Please ask us for more info.

At Manza Dream and Mini Dream Hole…

You’ll drop down on an amazing coral reef next to the Intercontinental Hotel in Onna Village, just below the surface where you can negotiate a small swim-through, meet lobsters and and an occasional Giant Trevally. Keep scootering and you will eventually reach the Manza Dream Hole which is about 23m/75feet deep. You’ll also experience an incredibly steep wall as you exit the Dream Hole that seems to just keep going down and provides for a spacey float through exceptionally clear waters while looking at amazing fan corals. Only arms lengths away from the Manza Dream Hole you can get to the Minni Dream Hole which is only about 18m/60ft deep and surrounded by hard corals.

Join us and experience several off the popular reefs and dive locations in Onna Village on your own using an Underwater Scooter.


A lovely shore dive for the more adventurous and confident divers out there where we get in at the Toilet Bowl (so called for the currents if the wind is coming from the wrong direction, but don’t worry we won’t come here on these days!). Once in we descend on to some huge walls! It’s got pretty fan corals, often shrimp and nudibranch, scorpion fish and if you’re lucky then you can even find grey reef sharks and turtles passing by. For those who are very good on their air it is possible to make it to horseshoe rock where there are two tunnels full of dazzling damsel fish and a number of lion fish hovering around. As the entrance and exit of this site involves clambering over rocks with the equipment it means we are often the only divers on this great site however it does mean we require people to be confident carrying their own equipment.

Nakayukui and Crossline…

These are two Okinawa dive sites popular for their tiny critters. If you hover above the sandy bottom and stare at the seaweed you can find frogfishes, leaf scorpionfish, an occasional ghost pipefish or even a seamoth. However if you are not interested in the tiny stuff you can experience both sites within one long dive using the underwater scooter and "chase" turtles instead. During our exploration dives we found this rock where a lot of turtles seem to feel home, located in the opposite direction of where the majority of divers usually dive to.