Sunabe Seawall

Have you ever got into the water and remembered you’ve still not sent off that postcard? Not a problem with this unique shore dive off the coast of Chatan which has a surreal underwater post box where you can do just this!
This is a great chilled out dive site where we can visit this post box sat in approximately 6 meters of water before heading off to see probably more soft coral than any other dive site here in Okinawa all of which is nice and shallow in depths for all divers between 5 and 20+ meters deep! Often quieter than many other sites in Okinawa which means that this coral is in lovely condition and shelters a large range of life from tiny nudibranchs and shrimp, to sea snakes, eels and some well-hidden octopus!





Quick Facts

Depth: 18m/60ft
Entry/Exit: Shore
Level: Great for Everyone
Trip Duration: 2 or 3 dives, approx 5-7 hours
Participants: 2-4 per Instructor
Location: Chatan
Don't Forget: Swimwear, Towel and Sunscreen
Change for Lunch
Proof of Certification

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