The Uss Emmons

Explore a reminder of the brutal battle of Okinawa that signaled the end game of the Pacific War.


The resting place…

The USS Emmons rests 45m/150ft down off the coast of Kouri Island and is a 15-minute boat ride that gives you a fantastic view of Okinawa’s beautiful north, known as Yanbaru forest.


Doing the diving…

During each dive you’ll explore one half of the ship. By the end of the trip you will have seen the entire wreck. The total length of Emmons was 106m/348ft. Between dives we will enjoy a surface interval on land.


Quick facts

Depth: 45m/150ft
Entry: Boat
Requirements: 50+ dives, good buoyancy, normal gas consumption
Trip Duration: 2 dives – approx. 7 hours
Participants: 2-4 per Instructor
Don't Forget: Swimwear, Towel and Sunscreen
Change for Lunch
Proof of Certification
Nitrox Divers: Can rent a stage cylinder with 40%, 50% or 100% o2, depending on availability.
Pro Tip: Join either the Deep or Wreck certification course.

Please Note:

It's beneficial for participants to be Advanced and/or deep certified or join some other dives prior, but it's not required! We however do require participants to make a mature judgement regarding their own skills before requesting to dive the wreck of Emmons with us.

Before signing up please make sure you understand the following:

  • The Emmons dive is definitely not a place to do a check dive
  • Your last dive was no longer then two month ago
  • You know how to setup and handle your gear
  • You know how many weights you need
  • You are not struggling with your ears, buoyancy and gas consumption

Safety first…

Since we offer single tank diving on air only we offer to participants to rent stage tanks with Nitrox 40%+ or O2 for safety and deco stops if necessary. Participants can choose the following cylinders: 11l/80cuf AL, 13l/100cuf, 17l/133cuf.

Our guides dive either sidemount or carry a stage tank with additional gas, just in case! On each trip we carry an emergency O2 kit with us to react quick in the event of an incident. The nearest decompression chamber is located in Naha.

Diving Insurance is strongly recommended.

A little history…

The US Navy destroyer USS Emmons DD-457 (Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Virginia USA) - on 1st November 1943

The USS Emmons (DD-457/DMS-22) started life as a Gleaves-class destroyer in the summer of 1941, but was converted in 1944 to serve as a minesweeper and tasked with clearing Okinawa's coastal waters of sea mines.

It was during this ill-fated mission that it was attacked and hit by 5 kamikaze planes within a two-minute span and suffered crippling damage that prevented it from being manoeuvred. With fires blazing and ammunition exploding the ship had to be abandoned, suffering a loss of 60 crew members as well as 77 wounded, and sunk by its own navy to prevent it falling into the Japanese military’s hands.

And this is where the story ended on April 7th, 1945, until its rediscovery in 2001.