Advanced Open Water Diver Course

Course duration: 2 days
Course fee: 59.000 yen
Class size: Minimum of 1 student
What's includes in the course fee: Learning materials, certification card, dive gear, 5 ocean dives, boat fee
Prerequisites - Open Water Diver (OWD) certified
- You are at least 12 years old (see note below)
- Able to read and understand training materials in English, as well as course instructions
- Can answer “no” to all questions on the PADI medical statement
advanced open water diver

The course

The Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD) course is where you really start to have some fun and improve all the skills you’ve learnt so far, as well as expand your diving choices. It’s really practical and mostly spent in the Okinawa seas doing what we all want to do – diving. The course’s five dives include two mandatory dives – Deep Dive (30 m/100 ft) and Navigation Dive – and three optional ones, such as boat diving, improving your buoyancy skills or night diving, which you can choose in discussion with your instructor, Jan. All the theory is learnt during the surface intervals and from the course manual.

Our typical course schedule is

Day 1: Pool Training and Two Dives at Maeda Point
Day 2: Three dives at Manza Point


  • If you’re traveling on a tight schedule, or can’t complete all of the requirements for the Advanced Open Water Diver certification in time (due to weather, health or personal ability), then complete only three of the five dives and earn the PADI Adventure Diver rating in only one day.
  • As a certified Adventure Diver, you can upgrade to Advanced Open Water Diver level in just one day. Please keep in mind this does depend on your ability, and you may need some more training.

What’s next

After becoming an Advanced Open Water Diver you’re eligible for the Rescue Diver Course where you’ll learn how to prepare for dive emergencies, assist other divers with problems, as well as how to prevent them, and generally gain more confidence and problem solving ability underwater.


  • Participants under 16 years must be accompanied on the course by a parent or legal guardian.
  • In the interest of safety we recommend you do not fly within a 24-hour period after diving.

We will dive at this location:

  • Maeda Point or Gorilla Chop
  • Manza Point or Sunabe

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