Maeda Point - Blue Cave and Yamada point

Maximum depth: 20-30m/70ft-100ft
Entry/exit: Boat and shore (via a long stair case)
Level: Beginner and up
Trip duration: 2 dives - approximately 5 hours
Main attractions: Blue Cave
Location: South of Onna Village, Okinawa
Minimum Divers: 1
blue cave okinawa

If you dive Okinawa, you’re pretty much guaranteed to dive Maeda Point. It’s justifiably a popular spot for divers of all levels – from first timers to those who’ve dived so much they’ve lost count.

Here’s what you could see, or hear…

Not only is Maeda Point popular with humans, it’s also a regular meeting place for schools of batfish, for lionfish, angelfish, clownfish, and parrotfish, as well as trigger fish, sea snakes, squid, octopuses and a whole lot more. And in winter and spring you’ll be able to hear the distant calls from migrating whales and see schools of mackerels and barracuda.

And then there’s the famous Blue Cave…

It’s a cave, but this isn’t cave diving. You can surface at any time and any level diver is safe to enter, as are swimmers and snorkelers, and you can even get out and sit on a rock if you feel the urge.

This nature-made auditorium is shaped out of the limestone cliffs and when fresh water seeps in from the dense foliage above, it mixes with the sea water to create a spectacular ‘blue’ optical illusion. Hence the name, of course.

But let’s not forget Yamada Point…

Yamada Point is a shallow dive, 10m–18m/30ft–60ft, in the same area but protected by the reef so even when those winter seas are a little high, and the wind is blowing strong, we can usually dive here. It has nice hard corals and an impressive coral farm with such variety that a visiting marine biologist called it ‘coral porn’, ahem. Whatever takes your fancy, I guess.

What to bring (other than your dive gear):

  • Swimwear, towel and sunscreen
  • A little cash for lunch and drinks
  • Your Logbook, certification and insurance card, if you have one

Cost per diver:

  • 2 Dives = 14.000 yen
  • Full set of dive gear cost 5.000 yen (per day)