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Here’s some information about what Piranha Divers does, and doesn’t do. Please read before sending your diving request.

1. Do you offer snorkeling tours?

Piranha Divers in Okinawa is a small, family-run dive operation, so I’m afraid we’re not able to offer guided snorkeling tours.

2. Do you offer whale shark diving?

We do not offer whale shark diving, or snorkeling, as it contributes to animal cruelty. We believe whale sharks should be seen in their natural environment, and meeting one during a dive is a happy coincidence.

3. Do you do hotel pickups?

Hotel pickups in Onna Village and Nago can be arranged, depending on the location of the scheduled trip on the day of your diving. But we’re unable to provide pickups outside this area.

Good places to stay where we can guarantee you a pickup are:

  • Marriott Hotel
  • Kariyushi Hotel
  • Exes Spa Resort
  • Ritz Carlton Hotel
  • Kise Beach Hotel
  • The Busena Terrace.

For all other hotels in Onna, please ask us.

4. Are there any requirements for the Discover Diving program?

The Discover Diving program includes 2 boat dives, and the maximum number of participants is 4. All participants must have basic swimming skills and be comfortable in the water. The dives will usually take place at Maeda Point and its famous Blue Cave.

5. Is there any discount for diving more than one day with Piranha Divers?

As a small dive outfit we’re not really in a position to offer discounts and packages as we simply don’t work with the volume of customers that that would require. On the positive side, this always guarantees you have a very personal diving experience and are not lost in some big, faceless group filled with strangers and no chance to talk to the diving professional leading you all.

6. May I take photos or record videos during the dive?

Obviously for licensed fun divers, that’s your choice and we have gear we can rent to you. But for training we like you to have your hands free at all times. So, if you wish to use a GoPro, or similar camera gear, with a headstrap, for example, please let us know. We can also rent GoPro accessories to you for use during your dives.

7. For any diver training at Piranha Divers, you must be able to swim! We can not certify non swimmers!

In the event of you not being able to swim or very poorly only, no refunds will be made! You will not be able to attend further training as we have to attend to other students as well to maintain safety and pace.