Divemaster course

Divemaster course Become a dive professional.

Course duration: From 2 weeks, depending on your level of experience
Course fee: 129.000 yen
Class size: Minimum of 1 student
What's includes in the course fee: Learning materials, certification card, dive gear, ocean training dives, pool training, boat fee
Prerequisites - Open Water Diver (OWD) certified
- Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD) certified
- Rescue Diver certified
- EFR certified (Emergency First Response)
- 18 years old or older
- You’ve had a medical evaluation by a physician
- Have very good swimming skills
- Able to read and understand training materials in English, as well as course instructions

The course

divemaster course

Becoming a Divemaster will mean you can now make a living from what was until now just a hobby, but that’s not the only reason to take the course. Just upgrading your skills and becoming a more versatile, knowledgeable and confident diver are reasons enough – in other words, the kind of diver others will always want to dive with.

The course we teach in Okinawa not only develops your diving knowledge to instructor level, through independent study and classroom discussions, but also addresses attitudes, judgment, customer service, and business and operational challenges. We teach in an internship style so you have the chance to join daily dives and learn on the job by interacting with Piranha Divers’ diving customers from around the world and learn to handle real live problems.

If you’re planning to take part in this course with us we suggest you bring more than the minimum of 40 dives as this will make it easier for you to handle all the situations and enjoy it more. Our goal in teaching you to become a Divemaster is to make you employable. This takes patience on both the student’s and the instructor’s side, therefore please understand that not everyone is accepted onto the course.

Unfinished business

If you started your Divemaster course somewhere else but need to finish certain skills for completion, you can do so with us in Okinawa without any problems.

Course features

  • Watermanship and stamina are evaluated together with diving skills, which will be developed to demonstration quality.
  • You’ll complete a rescue evaluation and underwater mapping exercise, as well as demonstrating your skills in dive planning and leadership.
  • You’ll also function as an instructional assistant, both in confined and open water.
  • You’ll take part in Search and Recovery and Deep Diving scenarios.


  • In the interest of safety we recommend you do not fly within a 24-hour period after diving.

We will dive at this location:

Go to Diving in Okinawa to see where we dive.
E.g.: Blue Cave, USS Emmons Dive, Kerama Islands Okinawa. Visit the category Okinawa Scuba Diving for more information about our scuba services.