Diving in Okinawa

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Diving in Japan is really, if we’re honest, diving in Okinawa.

And diving in Okinawa means a similar beauty to South East Asia with all the safety, security and comfort of modern Japan.

For both Japanese and foreigners alike this is the place to come to learn how to dive, to upgrade diving skills and to see a massive variety of sea life. Thousands head here all year every year to jump in its clear blue, warm waters (25–30°C most of the year) and enjoy a sub-tropical break from it all. But, for us, what makes this place amazing is, despite its popularity, most of the best dive sites are ignored. Busy schedules mean most Japanese tourists simply stick to the easiest to reach and easiest to do dives. Meanwhile, Piranha Divers, while not avoiding popular spots, makes a point of reaching the places others tend to leave. To us, it’s crazy, but that’s their choice and our luck. Which, if you choose to dive with us too, becomes your chance for some great diving away from the maddening crowds.

We get to the great aquatic rock formations, the superb coral reefs, the drift dives, the remote beach dives, and even dive to one of the best preserved WWII wrecks, regularly.

Real diving, the type where you don’t feed the fish with bread, means you can’t always guarantee what sea animals you’ll see. But there’s always a strong chance you’ll see sharks, sea snakes, morays, rays, lion fish, trigger fish, pipe fish, sea horses, squids, turtles, cowries, tuna, scorpion fish, trumpet fish, garden eels, puffers and porcupine fish and dozens of colourful nudibranchs… and tonnes more.

Maeda Point

For Beginners:

  • Reef Diving
  • Blue Cave
  • Plenty of colorful Fish
  • Learn Diving

Dive Plan: 2 Dives
Requirements: Ready For Fun

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Manza Point

For Intermediate Divers:

  • Manza Dream Hole
  • Reef Diving
  • Wall Diving
  • Deep Diving

Dive Plan: 2 or 3 Dives
Requirements: 10+ Dives

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U.S.S. Emmons

For Experienced Divers

  • Experience History
  • WWII Shipwreck
  • Deep Diving

Dive Plan: 2 Dives
Requirements: AOW with 30+ Dives

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Private Boat Charters

For Intermediate and Experienced Divers

  • Dive Groups
  • Private Charters
  • Dive at your own Pace

Dive Plan: Day Trips with 2 or 3 Dives
Requirements: AOW with 30+ Dives

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