Fun Diving

It’s not called ‘fun’ diving for nothing. We really want you to get the most out of your time in Okinawa and enjoy some great diving as well getting to experience something of this tiny sub-tropical outpost of the Far East. So, we take you on guided underwater tours of some fantastic dive sites all across the main island.

We cater for all levels and will choose sites to match your skills and interests, depending on the weather, of course. Almost all of our dives are boat dives, which just adds to the adventure and means you get to see the island from a completely different angle – from the East China Sea!

boat ride


The dive boats here are operated by the local fishermen meaning that they aren't as luxurious as they are in much of Asia, but the majority of our sites only require a 10 minute boat ride and once you're in the water who cares about the boat! As a result of this we share the boats with other dive companies and they can be quite busy with many boats going to the same place on peak days! Despite this once we get you in the water we will strive to avoid the crowds by going on different routes to try and show some great sites that are less visited with better condition coral as a result! Some of the routes we take are barely visited by the majority of dive shops in Okinawa because they’re a little out of the way or a bit deeper and these shops’ customers are all too often in a hurry to simply tick off another ‘experience’. Unlucky for them, but brilliant for Piranha Divers’ customers.

To make it fair for the other people on the boat, dives here are often limited to around 40-45 minutes so that any beginners do not have to float around waiting for the more experienced. However for any shore diving, the only limits are how long you want to be in the water or your air supply!

This means wreck diving, drift diving, deep diving and the deep north of Okinawa Honto (the main island), as well as more laid-back shallower coral reef dives, are all possible with us.

So, don't mess about, come and have some fun in the water with Piranha Divers!

Vist Diving in Okinawa to see where else we dive. E.g.: Blue Cave, Manza Point or go to Okinawa Scuba Diving for more information about PADI training courses.