Gorilla Chop

A great site for those that have not been in the water for a while or would just like to build up their confidence before jumping in on some of the deeper dive sites around Okinawa. Based in northern Okinawa and named after a large rock which supposedly looks like a gorilla doing a karate chop, this shallow site has a maximum depth depending on the tide of about 10 meters!
Some lovely hard coral, with plenty of clownfish, sea cucumbers, damsel fish and the occasional cuttlefish or octopus hiding about makes this a great shallow site for those new to diving who want to avoid the crowds sometimes found at other sites. There are some nice atmospheric canyons to swim-thru which can make for some great photos and good preparation if you’re going to be joining us at some of our other sites like Manza or cape Hedo!

Quick Facts

Depth: 12m/40ft
Entry: Shore
Level: Great for Everyone
Duration: 2 dives – approx. 5 hours
Location: Motobu, Nago
Participants: 1-4 per Instructor
Don't Forget: Swimwear, Towel and Sunscreen
Change for Lunch
Proof of Certification

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