Cape Manza

Experience the Manza Dream Hole, Mini Dream Hole, Horseshoe Point, Overhang Rock, Nakayukui Point and Crossline Point.

Cape Manza, also a popular sightseeing spot for landlubbers, features six main dives and a few lesser known sites. Most of the sites feature amazing walls going as deep as 50m/165ft.

At Overhang Rock…

You’ll drop down on an amazing coral reef just below the boat where you can negotiate a small swim-through, meet lobsters and an electric disco clam, and where, at 18m/60ft, you’ll find a gap in the wall that often has a giant turtle and white tipped reef sharks.


At Manza Dream Hole…

Yes, it’s a hole, and you’ll be descending it to 23m/75ft before exiting through one of its two tunnels into a ‘room’ full of sweeperfish. From here, dive to your left and find a party of garden eels sticking out of the sand at about 30m/100ft. You’ll also experience an incredibly steep wall as you exit the Dream Hole that seems to just keep going down and provides for a spacey float through exceptionally clear waters while looking at amazing fan corals.



The Mini Dream Hole…

And yes, it’s a smaller hole. The Mini Dream Hole is only arms lengths away from the Manza Dream Hole, and it’s got just as much to offer, only not so deep –18m/60ft deep, in fact – and with free access to the surface at all times. It’s these features that make it a great place for divers needing a bit more confidence before tackling its bigger neighbour.

Horseshoe Point…

Another Okinawa wall dive, but this one’s a bit of a giant. It’s got pretty fan corals, two tunnels full of dazzling damsel fish and a number of lion fish hovering around. In the summer you can find grey reef sharks and turtles passing by, and the warm sunlight shining into the tunnels creates magical reflections that bounce off the fish and your exhaled bubbles.

Nakayukui and Crossline…

These are two Okinawa dive sites popular for their tiny critters. If you hover above the sandy bottom and stare at the seaweed you can find frogfishes, leaf scorpionfish, an occasional ghost pipefish or even a seamoth. Nakayukui Point also features a huge and eerie abandoned fishing net spread wide at a depth of 25m/80ft which has become a sort of floating reef and a home for many of these sea creatures.


Quick Facts:

Depth: 40m/130ft
Entry: Boat
Level: Intermediate and Experienced Divers
(10+ Dives)
Duration: 2 dives – approx. 4 hours
3 dives – approx. 7 hours
Location: Seragaki, in Onna Village
Participants: 1-4 per Instructor
Don't Forget: Swimwear, Towel and Sunscreen
Change for Lunch
Proof of Certification

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