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pool diving course

Piranha Divers has built itself a reputation as the go-to place for foreigners coming to dive in Okinawa. We’re not just boasting, well it is boasting, but we feel supported in our claims by the hundreds of happy divers we’ve taught or taken for a dive – just check out our reviews on Tripadvisor if you need someone more objective than us telling you.

The reason for our success, we believe, is our unequalled service. When you dive with Piranha Divers, you have time to enjoy the experience; you have the attention of your experienced instructor, Jan; you have regularly updated gear in good condition; and you go to some of the best dive sites on the island – the ones less adventurous dive shops won’t even tell you about.

If you take a course with us, you’ll be in a small group, and possibly it will just be you and the instructor, so you’ll be able to really maximise the training time and soak up as much expert advice as you can handle. And if you go for a fun dive, you’ll get the same group intimacy and more opportunity to discuss what kind of dive you want to do. We’re professional about everything we do, but we’re flexible because we can and want to be in order to give all our customers the best possible diving experience in Okinawa.

Tauchen im Sommer (März - November)

Die Tauchsaison in Okinawa geht von Mitte März bis Mitte November, in diesem Zeitraum liegen die Wassertemperaturen zwischen 22°C und 30°C. In den Sommermonaten ziehen auch öfter einmal tropische Stürme über die Insel. Diese bringen das Tauchen dann zum Erliegen, deshalb ist es gut, wenn Sie genügend Zeit mitbringen zum Tauchen - aber auch zum Erkunden der Insel.

Tauchen in „Winter“ (November - März)

Auch im Winter ist das Tauchen in Okinawa schön, mit Wassertemperaturen niemals unter 19°C. Im Februar kann man bequem im 5mm-Nasstauchanzug ein paar Tauchgänge absolvieren ohne zu frieren, allerdings nur, wenn es nicht zu windig ist und die Wellen nicht zu hoch sind.
Von Vorteil ist es, dass die Hotels, Flüge und Mietautos dann günstiger zu haben und die Straßen sowie die Attraktionen weniger besucht sind als im Sommer.

Open Water Diver

open water diver course

Learn to Dive dazu

  • learning to scuba dive
  • first-time divers
  • No experience necessary

Takes: 3 days
Costs: 69.000 Japanese yen

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Advanced Open Water

advanced open water diver

The next Adventure

  • the next step after OWD
  • diving deeper – 30m/100ft
  • Deep and Navigation Diving

Takes: 2 days
Costs: 59.000 Japanese yen

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Rescue Diver & EPR

Rescue Diver Course


  • Advanced divers
  • problem-solving underwater
  • Rescue Scenarious and Emergency Management

Takes: 3 days
Costs: 69.000 Japanese yen

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Divemaster Course

divemaster course
  • Rescue Divers with 40+ dives
  • Become a PADI Professional
  • Supervise other Divers

Takes: from 2 weeks
Costs: from 119.000 Japanese yen

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