Terms of service

  1. Your booking via our homepage is binding. Your mood, cloudy and/or rainy weather, or a seasonal illness, such as a headache or a hangover, will not be accepted as a reason for canceling or not showing up for a scheduled course or trip.
  2. It's your responsibility to prevent seasickness. If you cease diving, due to such a condition, no refunds will be made.
  3. Trips will be canceled in the event of an approaching typhoon, or during one. In this case, cancellation fees will NOT apply and fees already paid for dives will be refunded.
  4. We expect you to know about potential medical conditions, which could exclude you from diving, before signing up for a dive trip. If you are not sure about your medical condition, the PADI medical form is to be found on our homepage in English. Please ask us for other languages.
  5. In the unfortunate event that a diver has to cease diving during a day or weekend trip, the customer will be liable for the full price of the trip they originally signed up for.
  6. Learning to dive is like learning to drive – both have their dangers, so for both you need to pass a certain standard before you can be certified. This applies to each part of any diving course, but, if you should fail anything, we’ll make every effort to provide the extra training you need to pass safely. However, this would incur additional costs.
  7. All students must be able to swim prior to joining a course. We simply cannot certify non-swimmers! If it becomes apparent your swimming skills are not adequate, no refunds will be given. In addition, you will not be able to continue training as we have a schedule to maintain and other students/divers to tend to. At Piranha Divers, we take health and safety standards seriously and therefore cannot allow non-swimmers deep underwater.

Loss/Damage of Scuba Equipment

Rented gear is your responsibility – you will be charged for damage or loss

  1. You are responsible for making sure that all the gear you have been issued during a course or trip is treated well and all items make it back to our rental depot at the end of your dive trip. That means, yes, you will have to pay for ‘that mask’ you forgot on the boat. We do double check for forgotten gear and items before leaving dive sites and boats but, at the end of the day, the user is ultimately responsible.
  2. This same policy is valid for training materials belonging to Piranha Divers, books, DVDs, and Final Exam booklets. And you will be charged not only loss, but also for stains, such as liquid, or excessive pencil marks.
  3. If a customer refuses to pay the appropriate fee for a cancellation, or for not showing up, or for any broken or lost dive gear, this customer will not be permitted to dive with Piranha Divers Okinawa in the future. Law enforcement may be involved.

Diving insurance

Although you’re not legally required to have special diving insurance, we do recommend you have some during your diving trip. Although we take every care to make your diving as safe as possible, your safety ultimately rests with you and if anything should happen while diving, hospital and decompression chamber costs in Japan can quickly mount up.

Cancellation fee:

If you cancel one day before your booked program, or on the day it starts, you will be charged 100% of the fees.