Where to find us

Piranha Divers Okinawa

Piranha Divers Okinawa
904-0401, Onna Village
Aza Nakama 2288-243 Prince Palazzo 1F
Okinawa, Japan

Japanese address:

098-967-8487 (within Japan)

080-4277-1155 (within Japan)

Please do not call with questions about non urgent matters such as:

  • Scheduling Dives
  • Weather/Sea Conditions on a certain Day
  • Any Question of similar Nature

We are happy to answer all you questions by e-mail and will attempt to reply within 24hours!

More information on how to Access Onna Village traveling from Naha.

Getting here and around

Japan is justifiably famous for its extensive, well-organized and efficient transportation network. However, this does not necessarily apply when traveling in Okinawa.
So, to make our divers’ time here as hassle-free as possible, we usually recommend they stay at the small, nearby Pension Weekend while diving with us. The pension is close enough to make directions applicable for both it and Piranha Divers’ dive shop and we’re happy to help you with bookings and further information about the pension, and your stay in Okinawa generally.

Public bus (up to 2,000 yen)

From Naha Airport you can take the bus, numbers 20 or 120, to ‘Imbu Kibougaoka’, where you need to get off. There’s a public phone at the Lawson’s convenience store just one stop further, at ‘Imbu Beach’, if you need it. Local buses run daily from about 6am to 8pm. Please check the timetable for details:

Airport limousine bus (up to 2,000 yen)

From Naha Airport you can take an airport limousine bus. These buses run less frequently (depending on the season) but are faster and more comfortable. You can buy tickets at the airport and all major resort hotels. Get off at ‘Kariyushi Beach Resort’, which is the closest stop to our shop. There’s a public phone in the hotel lobby.

Taxi (15,000 yen ~ 20,000 yen)

You can get around with a taxi, although this is quite expensive. Some companies offer a flat fee for a half or full day use.

Rental Car

There are a number of rental car companies in Okinawa, which is by far the best way to get around the island. Please make sure that your driver’s license/international driver’s license is actually valid in Japan.


Belgium, France, Germany, Monaco, Slovenia, Switzerland and Taiwan do not issue permits based on the 1949 Geneva Convention. If you’re from one of these countries you should get a translation from your respective embassy in Japan before your trip to Japan.