Lifestyle Package

Take a Break - Experience Life

We offer you an opportunity to rejuvenate here in Okinawa and join our Lifestyle Training Package, designed for people like you who need a break from the monotony of everyday life. Escape everyday technology and Zen out, there are no phone calls to answer or emails to respond to underwater. Your attention is focused on breathing and what you see through your mask (which most of the time is pretty awesome!).

Be warned diving, and experiencing new things will be addicting and a lifestyle changer!

We offer Flexible Training Schedules:

Part 1, Includes the following PADI Courses

Open Water Diver – The first dive course teaching you the basic skills required to dive safely down to a maximum depth of 18 meters.

Advanced OpenWater – Follows on the fundamentals set in the Open Water course and helps develop key skills such as buoyancy, photography and navigation down to a depth of 30 meters.

Rescue Diver and Emergency First Responder - A great and challenging course that teaches candidates how to deliver first aid and help out with any dive emergencies.

Up to 30 dives from shore and boat are included in part 1 of the program, allowing you to feel comfortable in the water and get the opportunity to explore the great underwater world that we have here in Okinawa!


Part 2, The transition from recreational diver to dive profesional

The PADI Divemaster Course even more challenging (in a good way) as it involves not only another 30 more dives but also various training exercises and theory development up to a professional level.

During the program you will also have the opportunity to do some PADI specialty courses, such as Deep Diving, Enriched Air and Search and Recovery*

Once you've completed all the above courses you have finished your Divemaster course and we could shake hands and say our sad goodbyes BUT we want to give you more than that! continues below..



Course Duration: 2-3 Month
Course Fee: 600.000 Yen
Class Size: 1-4 Students
What's included: Open Water Diver Course
Advanced Open Water Diver Course
Rescue Diver Course
Emergency First Response Training
Divemaster Training
60 Training Dives, Pool Training
Dive Gear, Learning Materials, Certification Cards
Prerequisites: Be at least 18 years old

Medical evaluation, signed by a physician within 12 month

Very good swimming skills

Why do it with us? The Extras

  1. We will make you more employable by including both the Enriched Air Nitrox and the Deep Diver course as part of this package, *Specialty training is free while on the program but PADI application fees for each level cost extra.
  2. Most Divemaster courses are carried out by just one Instructor but not here! We realise that everyone is different so instead of just one instructor you will be trained and work with all of the instructors here allowing you to see the differences between them and to develop your own style that you are most happy and comfortable with. As well as that our instructors are experienced in diving and teaching around the world and can give you the advice necessary for your chosen routes and destination.
  3. We don't just want to tick boxes with you, we want you to be happy and comfortable at each stage and will happily take longer and repeat steps if necessary to get you to this level.
  4. You will qualify for special staff discounts with us on any further fun diving or training courses you wish to do as well as deals on buying your own dive gear which is a key to being a successful dive professional.
  5. At the end of the course you can choose to stay for up to 4 weeks to gain some work experience under the watchful eyes of our instructor to improve your confidence and experience base to draw on for future guiding.
  6. Finally, if you do well and enjoy your time in Okinawa, why not stay or come back and work for us?? Join us on a Working Holiday Visa and you can get paid to show people Okinawa's coral reefs. (Inquire for details) Read more about what you can do as a PADI Divemaster.
  7. Training is purchased, certification is earned, participants have the ability to abort the program and only pay partially.
  8. Don't fly within 18 hours of your last dive, please take this into consideration when scheduling your training.


Vist Diving in Okinawa to see where else we dive. E.g.: Blue Cave, Manza Point and the USS Emmons dive or go to Okinawa Scuba Diving for more information about PADI training courses.