From Zero To Hero

Course duration: Approximately 2 months
Course fee: 550.000 yen
Class size: Minimum of 1 student
What's includes in the course fee: - Open Water Diver Course
- Advanced Open Water Diver Course
- Rescue Diver Course
- Emergency First Response Training
- Divemaster Training
- 60 dives including all required training dives
- All rental gear, learning materials, certification cards boat and pool fees
Prerequisites - No prior experience with scuba diving is required
- Participants must be at least 18 years old
- Have good swimming skills (400m without stopping)
- Able to read and understand training materials in English, as well as course instructions
- Doctors approval for Scuba Diving and you can answer “no” to all questions on the PADI medical statement

From “Zero” to “Hero”:

Zero to Hero

This is an educational approach to dive leadership designed for people with little or no dive experience who would like to gain valuable skills along with the confidence to lead other divers, as well as to gain valuable experiences within the diving industry.

The program takes about two rigorous months to complete and consist of two parts.

Part 1: Open Water Diver course, Advanced Open Water Diver Course and Rescue Diver Course as well as Emergency first response course. This consists of a total of 30 dives, including all training dives.

Part 2: Padi Divemaster Course consists of 30 more dives, including all training dives.

All course materials, certification fees, boat and pool fees, as well as all required rental gear, is included.

*** We understand that for many divers who have not experienced diving yet, it might be difficult to commit to such a career path, and that diving might not be the right path for some candidates. That is why built into the course are two “exit” points where a candidate could stop training without loosing money, or where the instructor and candidate might come to the conclusion that a leadership career in diving might not be suitable for the candidate.

A candidate could stop after the Open Water course, after paying only the standard rate
or after completing Part 1 - if at this point the candidate enjoys diving but doesn't feel he/she wants to become a professional yet.

*** At these two exit points, any candidate can stop from moving to the next level, and will only have paid for the training completed; they will not go on to become a Divemaster, which is a professional level in the dive industry.

Read more about what you can do as a PADI Divemaster here: