Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do you offer guided snorkelling tours?

You can rent snorkelling gear for self guided exploration from us.

We do not offer guided tours from either beach or boat.

2. Do you offer Whale Shark cage diving?

No, it contributes to animal cruelty.

4. When should I visit Okinawa?

We dive all year round. But April to October is the best time to dive.

6. Do you offer Hotel Pickups?

Yes, we do from the following Hotels:

  • Oriental Hotel
  • Kariyushi Hotel
  • Exes Spa Resort
  • Resort Class Inn Onna
  • The Ritz Carlton Hotel
  • Halekulani Hotel
  • Kanehide Kise Beach Palace
  • Best Western – Kouki Beach
  • Miyuki Beach Hotel
  • Umito Nakama
  • The Busena Terrace
  • Any accommodation in close range to the dive shop.

Certified Divers / Fun Diving

1. Can my non-diving partner join me snorkelling while I dive?

You can rent snorkelling gear for self guided exploration from us when snorkelling from shore.

Local regulation require us to to provide a guide for snorkelling from a boat, a service we can not offer.

2. DIN or Yoke?

Both, DIN and Yoke are OK!

3. Can I do 1 dive only?

We offer a minimum of 2 dives per day as a package. Unfortunately we cannot offer 1 dive per day. Should you choose not to do the second or third dive of the day, no refund or discount can be offered from the original booking.

Diving Courses

1. General Course Prerequisites

Our courses are designed for capable people with a can-do attitude. Confident swimming skills are a necessary prerequisite. We teach our student divers to become proficient in setting up and checking their own gear and work effectively in buddy teams. It is expected that divers feel motivated to learn course content.

For the Open Water Course it is a prerequisite that you are able to swim 200 meters without stopping, as well as tread water for 10 minutes in water too deep to stand up in.

2. Can I use my camera/rent a camera during my training?

Yes, during the Advanced Open Water Course only.

3. How deep will we dive?

Open Water 18m/60ft

Advanced 30m/100ft

Deep Diver 40m/130ft

4. How long does it take and what if I can't learn diving?

Our Open Water Diver course takes 3 days. Training generally is performance based not time based, except that for most visitors courses are time based due to a travel schedule.

For participants who need extra time to master the course content:

  • Students can opt for additional training at a cost of 25.000 Yen/Day for or 2 dives if our schedule permits it.
  • Students are welcome to return and finish the course at Piranha Divers within 1 year.
  • Students can be issue a referral form for continuing diver training elsewhere.

Piranha Divers is a small family run business and unfortunately not able to give refunds for reasons such as:

  • Sudden illness, anxiety issues, inability to meet certification requirements or not enjoying diving etc.
  • Not being able to follow the normal pace of the class.
  • Snorkelling gear will be offered to participants who aren't able to go underwater, to snorkel independently.
5. How many students per class?

We keep our courses as small as possible to maximise the attention each student receives. At Piranha that usually means a ratio of 4:1.

Private Courses are possible upon request.