Prices 2023

Please Note:

All prices are quoted as per diver and already include 10% sales tax. There are no hidden fees such as as credit card processing fees or additional materials.

SDI/TDI Diving Courses

(All courses include SDI/TDI Training Materials, Certification Card, Full Gear, Ocean and Pool Dives)

Open Water Scuba Diver Course 3 Days/4 Dives 80.000 Yen
Advanced Scuba Diver 2 Days/5 Dives 70.000 Yen
Rescue Diver, incl. CPR/first aid training 3 days/2 Dives - Scenarios 80.000 Yen
OWD + AOWD Course incl. 2x e-learning 5 Days/9 Dives 140.000 Yen
AOWD + Rescue Diver incl. CPR/first aid training 5 Days/7 Dives 140.000 Yen
Divemaster Course 2 Weeks/10 Dives 250.000 Yen
Instructor Course 1 Week 300.000 Yen
Sidemount Diver Course 2 Days/Confined Water + 3 Dives 60.000 Yen
Deep Diver Course 1 Day/2 Dives 35.000 Yen
DPV Course (Diver Propulsion Vehicle) 1 Day/2 Dives 35.000 Yen
Solo Diver Course 1 Day/2 Dives 35.000 Yen
Wreck Diver Course 1 Day/2 Dives 35.000 Yen
Night Diver Course 1 Day/2 Dives 35.000 Yen
Equipment Specialist No Dives/Half Day 25.000 Yen
Enriched Air (Nitrox) No Dives/Half Day 25.000 Yen

Scuba Discovery Diving

2 Ocean Dives Shore Diving 25.000 Yen

Fun Diving (Certified Divers Only)

2 Boat Dives Maeda, Manza, Zampa 20.000 Yen
3 Boat Dives Maeda, Manza, Zampa 25.000 Yen
2 Dives - Day Trip
(Incl. Gear as needed)
USS Emmons, Minna Jima, Cape Hedo 25.000 Yen
3 Dives - Day Trip
(Incl. Gear as needed)
USS Emmons, Minna Jima, Cape Hedo 30.000 Yen
2 Shore Dives Sunabe, Horseshoe, Gorilla Chop 15.000 Yen
3 Shore Dives Sunabe, Horseshoe, Gorilla Chop 20.000 Yen
1 Shore Night Dive Sunabe, Horseshoe, Gorilla Chop 15.000 Yen
2 Shore Night Dives Sunabe, Horseshoe, Gorilla Chop 20.000 Yen

Gear Rental (per day)

Full set Mask, Fins, Boots, BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit and Dive Computer 5.000 Yen
BCD Dive Rite, Backplate & Wing 1.000 Yen
Regulator   1.000 Yen
Sidemount BCD ScubaPro, Dive Rite 1.000 Yen
Sidemount Regulator Set of 2 2.000 Yen
Dive Computer   1.000 Yen
Wetsuit   1.000 Yen
Mask, Fins, Boots Set 1.000 Yen
Mask   500 Yen
Snorkel   free
Fins Open Heel Fins 500 Yen
Boots All sizes from 22cm to 32cm are available 500 Yen
Rental Camera Olympus TG 4 3.500 Yen
DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle) DiveX Blacktip
(approx 80-90 min.)
5.000 Yen

Pickup Services

Hotel Pickup within Onna Village Per Person - 2 way
(If your Hotel is not on the way)
1.000 Yen
Airport Pickup 2 way/1 pax 25.000 Yen
Airport Pickup 2 way/2 pax+ 40.000 Yen
Airport Pickup 1 way/1 pax 15.000 Yen
Airport Pickup 1 way/2 pax+ 25.000 Yen

General Terms and Conditions

Where these general terms and conditions do not conform with the general terms and conditions for specific tours or services, these general terms and conditions apply.

1. Introduction

1.1 The following general terms and conditions explain the rules of usage and the content of the contract that the customer enters with Piranha Divers.
1.2 While we strive to provide the service we advertise and want to give you the best possible experience, we do so by reacting and responding to the conditions presented with each tour. As we treat every customer as our best client and endeavour to provide the best service we possibly can, we have created these Terms and Conditions to protect both you, the client, and us, Piranha Divers, and ensure we are able to offer you the experience we promise.

2. Announcements

2.1 Piranha Divers' primary method of communication is email. All requests, confirmations, changes or cancellations must be communicated to the ‘’ email address to be considered; exceptions are indicated in 3.2. Communications made outside of this channel may not be considered and may affect your eligibility in other parts of these Terms and Conditions.
2.2 Any bookings and alterations to bookings made over the phone or in person must be followed up with a response email on behalf of the client. If this is not possible before the tour start date the client must state this during the call.

3. Corrections

3.1 The customer is obliged to be conscious about his transaction account and all the corrections that are performed. Piranha Divers is allowed to make correction to all mistakes or errors regarding collection of payments, issuance of invoices, calculation of commissions and discounts, and other transactions, including refunds and chargebacks.
3.2 The customer is obliged to announce immediately to Piranha Divers if (s)he knows about mistakes or errors that have been made. Depending on what applies, both parties are responsible for correcting the balance of the transaction account in accordance with the correction that has been made.

4. Limitations and Restrictions

4.1 Participation in tours offered by Piranha Divers are contingent on meeting certification and experience requirements. It is the responsibility of the client to produce sufficient proof of certification and experience when requested by Piranha Divers and it is understood that failure to produce proof will result in at least one check dive and may result in a cancellation of their tours without refund.
4.2 Clients participating in tours that involve exceeding the limits of basic qualifications must show us proof of experience and certification to do so.

5. Payments

5.1 Piranha Divers offers multiple payment methods, including cash, credit card and online checkout.
5.2 Payments must be made within 2 days of the booking to confirm the tour, failure to do so may result in the booking becoming invalid.

6. Responsibility

6.1 Piranha Divers takes your safety seriously and follows the Standards and Procedures of SDI/TDI and the Recreational Scuba Training Council. This includes measures to identify responsibility and liability as well as professional insurance covering all aspects of Piranha Divers. In some cases this does not cover the client for certain responsibilities and liabilities.
6.2 Piranha Divers strongly recommends that all clients purchase their own travel and diving insurance to cover unforeseen circumstances arising from vacation activities.
6.3 Subject to our Booking Conditions Piranha Divers is not responsible for any injuries or losses sustained whilst clients are on tours booked with Piranha Divers, whether conducted by Piranha Divers or a third party.
6.4 The client assumes responsibility for their own property, proof of experience and actions while on tour..
6.5 The invalidity of individual clauses of this agreement does not affect the validity of the document as a whole.

7. Loss/Damage of Scuba Equipment

7.1. You are responsible for making sure that all the gear you have been issued during a course or trip is treated well and all items make it back to our rental depot at the end of your dive trip.

7.2. This same policy is valid for training materials belonging to Piranha Divers, books, DVDs, and Final Exam booklets.

8. Customer Declaration

8.1 By agreeing to this application and these general terms and conditions, the client confirms that he has studied the general terms and conditions for partnership with Piranha Divers in detail and accepts all the content of it without limitations and obliges to adhere to it in all aspects.

The client confirms specifically:

A. That he has studied in detail and agrees to the general terms and conditions, specifically about the responsibility of Piranha Divers.

B. That the agreement for services with Piranha Divers is entered into in its own benefit only.

Cancellation Policy:

1. Piranha Divers reserves the right to cancel or alter tours and tour content based on availability, demand, weather or logistical concerns, or due to safety considerations. This may occur with little to no notice to the client, however Piranha Divers will endeavour to communicate any changes to scheduled activities at the earliest possible time. It is the goal of Piranha Divers to find the best solution for any changes or cancellations in activities and may offer alternative dive sites or activities. Piranha Divers will also work with the client on a case-by-case basis for all adjustments and cancellations with the client’s interest and safety in mind.

2. All rates quoted are based on current purchasing price in Japan. Prices are in Japanese Yen as shown on our website. Prices are guaranteed after full payment has been made.

3. Bookings for multiple day tours, groups or private tours that have not been paid in full within 3 days of the booking being made will be considered forfeited and may be cancelled.

4. The client reserves the right to cancel a tour at any time. Tours cancelled on the behalf of the client are subject to a cancellation fee based on the type of tour booked and a set notice period:

Fun Diving Trips - Individuals (1 or 2 participants)

Payment is due in full upon booking.

Up to 48 hours prior to the tour departure time, 90% will be refunded.

Within 48 hours of the tour departure time, no refund is available.

Day Trips - Group Bookings (3 participants or more)

Payment is due in full upon booking.

8 days or more prior to the tour departure, 90% will be refunded.

3 days – 7 days prior to the tour departure, 75% will be refunded.

Within 48 hours of the tour departure time, no refund is available.

Diving Courses and Multiple Day Trips

Payment for all multi-day tours and courses is due in full upon booking.

All cancellations must be made formally i.e. by email.

60 days – 30 days prior to tour departure, 90% of the tour price will be refunded.

29 days – 15 days prior to tour departure, 75% of the tour price will be refunded.

14 days – 8 days prior to departure, 25% of the tour will be refunded.

Within 7 days of tour departure, no refund is available.